Yashraj Mukhate reimagines Besharam Rang as a song made in the 60s

 Besharam Rang from Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s latest film Pathaan has turned into a hit. If you are a regular user of social media, you may have seen videos that show netizens dancing to the hit track or singing the song with their own twists. Be it an artist’s ghazal version of the song or another person’s four different versions of the track, the posts have captivated people. And now, musician Yashraj Mukhate has joined in on the fun too with his rendition of Besharam Rang. He imagined how it would sound if the song was made in the 60s.

Yashraj Mukhate posted the video on his personal Instagram page. He just wrote “sorry” as the caption. The video opens to show him explaining how the peppy number would sound if it was recorded in the 60s. The clip then goes on to show some of the movie scenes featuring Shammi Kapoor with a slow and sad version of the song playing in the background.

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