Zing Launches #SharingIsNotCaring Campaign to Help Youth Quit Smoking!

Over the years, various institutions and brands have introduced initiatives to highlight the harmful effects of smoking and educate young people about the severe health risks associated with tobacco use. In observance of World No Tobacco Day, Zing is launching the #SharingIsNotCaring campaign to encourage youth to quit smoking. With this initiative, Zing is urging Gen-Z to embrace the “#SharingIsNotCaring” mentality to cigarettes. Sharing a cigarette might seem harmless, but it’s not the encouragement you or your friends need—it's time to break the chain.Tobacco use continues to be a significant public health issue in India, with over 267 million adults using tobacco products. This problem is particularly concerning among teenagers. According to the latest Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) conducted in 2019, about 8.5% of youth aged 13-15 currently use some form of tobacco, including 4.1% who smoke and another 4.1% who use smokeless tobacco products. Despite numerous public health initiatives, the widespread use of tobacco among youth in India persists, driven by easy accessibility and deep-rooted cultural acceptance. 

Zing strongly advises against sharing tobacco products, as this can lead to the development of harmful habits and subsequent addiction. We are encouraging youth to make better choices by opting not to smoke and not encouraging others to smoke. Commenting on the initiative, Pankaj Balhara, Business Head at Zing, said, “Gen-Z has always been central to our mission. We recognize their aspirations and concerns, with tobacco use being a critical issue. At Zing, we strategically leverage the power of influence, ensuring our messaging is contemporary and impactful. This initiative is meticulously crafted based on the insight that youth often start smoking due to peer pressure. On this World No Tobacco Day, we are mobilizing everyone to act as positive influencers and disrupt the cycle of sharing cigarettes.”

Let’s empower young people to make healthy choices and build a smoke-free future together.

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