2nd innings

The 2nd innings of retirees is becoming a new inspiration for the youth.

In a Test match, the batsman shows his performance and goes out. After a gap, he comes back to bat in the second innings, with fresh energy, enthusiasm, and goals. In our society too, there are many retired officers, teachers, soldiers, IPS officers who after retiring from their professional lives have started their 2nd innings by doing something different. You will get to know, About these 2nd innings warriors on troopel.com.

On the idea of the 2nd innings, the Co-founder of troopel.com, Mr. Atul Malikram said, "There are many retired officers, teachers, CAs and many other people in our society today who are reforming the society, Some are feeding the poor, some are educating poor children, Some are busy in cleanliness. Many retirees are engaged in some social initiative or work.We want to bring these people and their inspiration to the youth so that these people can share their experiences, and can motivate other people to do similar work. We are starting this webinar series called 2nd innings to bring these people and their experience to everyone. "

troopel.com is also organizing many other webinar programs like Aatmnirbhar Yuva, Mary Lado, Open Mic. The program will be live on troopel.com, Social media platform from 10 November.

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