Is Indore on a Digital Cleanliness Spree?

Download, Unlock, and Search Buttons Make Waves in Garbage Dumps in Indore


Indore, known for its cleanliness initiatives and recognition as one of India's cleanest cities, is now making headlines with the sudden appearance of Download, Unlock, and Search buttons in garbage dumps near Indore Palasia, Rajmoholla Circle near Press Club, Vijay Nagar Square of the city. The discovery of these buttons, resembling digital interfaces, within the surroundings of garbage dumps has taken the residents of Indore by surprise. Earlier this week in Bengaluru, buttons exhibiting a remarkable similarity in design were discovered.


The juxtaposition of these buttons against the backdrop of garbage dumps has led to social media platforms buzzing with debates as individuals exchange ideas and speculations regarding the importance and meaning of these peculiar buttons. It is worth mentioning that terms such as ‘download’, ‘unlock’ and ‘search’ are quite integral in the world of internet and mobile technology.



The way the buttons are placed has made people curious if it's a step towards digital cleanliness or if it's a major change in digital technology. People in Indore are really excited to see what will happen and they're talking and guessing about how the city will impact the future of technology in the country.



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