Man finds rat inside packet of bread delivered by Blinkit. Company responds

 In Short

A man found a live rat inside a bread packet.

He tweeted the photo of the rat stuck inside the packet.

The animal was alive when he got the packet.

There are plenty of apps that have eased one’s tension about going out and buying groceries from the market. Apps like Blinkit, Swiggy Instamart, Zepto and many more have become a boon for the last minute requirements that one has while making a dish or simply if they don’t want to haggle with the shopkeepers at markets for giving a fair price on vegetables.

However, there are plenty of incidents that have been shared online by users complaining that they received expired or bad products. But this tweet by Nitin Arora will not only make you wince in disgust, it will make you think twice before ordering stuff on a grocery-delivery app.

Arora took to Twitter to share his story of horror. He explained how he had ordered a packet of bread on Blinkit and received a nasty surprise with the item – a rat! And that’s not all. The rat was still alive after the packet was delivered.

Now, we don’t know how, in the name of Ratatouille, the rodent got stuck inside the packet, but it is surprising that the person packing the order as well as the delivery agent didn’t feel the rat’s presence.

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