''KBC Winner Jaskaran : Focused on Civil Services Dream''

 Kaun Banega Crorepati 15 winner Jaskaran Singh talks about his long wait to be on the show, interaction with host Amitabh Bachchan, and inspiring others to walk on the path of education.

On Tuesday, Jaskaran Singh created history by becoming the first winner of Kaun Banega Crorepati 15. The student from Punjab won Rs 1 crore on the Amitabh Bachchan-hosted game show. In a chat with indianexpress.com, the crorepati lamented that he couldn’t answer the Rs 7 crore question, which was his ultimate dream on the show.

“I have been preparing for the show for the last four years. I have watched so many people live and fulfil their dreams on the platform. I too wanted to do that and came in with all my confidence. I not only thought I would become a crorepati but also wanted to answer the final question. I believe that if you are dreaming, you should dream big and have faith in yourself. However, I am happy to have come so far and won this amount which would aid my studies and help me give my family a better lifestyle,” he shared.

Jaskaran Singh on KBC 15 had shared how he lives in a small village near the border of Pakistan. The area still lacks facilities and also has a tense environment, and he hopes to move out to a city soon with his loved ones. “As I mentioned, I will use this prize money for my family as I want to give them all the happiness. I also want to get better facilities when it comes to my education, as I want to crack the civil service examination and become a public servant.”

Talking about Kaun Banega Crorepati, Jaskaran shared that while he did watch the show growing up, he never aspired to be on it. As he prepared for his UPSC examinations, Jaskaran realised that he could use the knowledge he was gaining to be on the show. He also started watching the show more keenly as a mode of preparation and soon dreamt of being on the hot seat. He also shared how he reads The Indian Express newspaper, and being interviewed by the publication felt surreal to him.

Many participants of the show are often seen getting overwhelmed in front of host Amitabh Bachchan. Jaskaran said that he has heard numerous stories from his grandfather and father about the megastar, and how they would go to watch his films in theatres. “To be in front of the person whose stories you have grown up listening to, was a big achievement in itself. He was so warm and respectful and the way he encouraged me, the way he hugged me, was very special,” he said, adding that hearing his name from Big B after cracking the fastest finger first round would be a lifetime memory. “Also, when I won a crore, he told me in Punjabi ‘kamal kardiya ladke ne’, which means you did so well,” Jaskaran said.

While Amitabh Bachchan was excited, Jaskaran Singh confessed that he was too worried about the next question to really enjoy the moment. As for his family, the crorepati said that they have always supported him in his endeavours, and they were overjoyed by his win. He said how his parents have never questioned his decisions as they trust him completely and even though they come from a humble background, have only pushed him towards a better life.

Sharing that he is one of the few from his village to go to college, the winner said that the KBC win would further motivate people to pick up the book. When asked if he’s going to be an inspiration for the new generation, Jaskaran smiled to say, “Even if I don’t, I should try to become one. Education is a necessity at this point, and if looking at my journey, a child wants to study, nothing better than that. I think one can only do big if their basics are strong, and that can only come through education and knowledge.”

Over the years, we have seen a few winners deviate from their goals after winning a big amount on KBC. However, the 21-year-old remains adamant that nothing will shake his aspiration of cracking the civil service examination. “I think this is my first step towards my final goal. This money can help me feel secure about my family and even my further studies. I don’t need to worry about financial constraints and thus can focus on my goal. This win will only push my dreams ahead and not change them. It’s just a means to reach my goals, which I am sure I will soon,” Jaskaran Singh concluded.

Source-The Indian Express


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