Momentum Routine Immunization Project in collaboration with local NGO Partners Host Successful Learning and Experience Sharing Meeting

The  event highlighted grassroots endeavors to expand the coverage and availability of the Covid-19 vaccine

Jharkhand, June 08, 2023: The Momentum Routine Immunization project, in collaboration with the local NGO partners ISAP and Plan India, successfully conducted an enlightening "Learning and Experience Sharing Meeting" acknowledging the efforts of the project in successfully reaching even the most challenging and remote areas with COVID-19 vaccinations. The meeting acknowledged the invaluable contribution of all its NGO partners in Jharkhand -ISAP, Plan India, TCI Foundation, SMRC, and HelpAge.

The experience-sharing event also saw the presence of distinguished guests and other development partners. The event included voices from the community, a photo gallery walk, and panel discussions on learnings of COVID-19 vaccination. 

On the success of the vaccination drive, Dr. GopalK. Soni, Project Director, Momentum Routine Immunization Transformation & Equity Project said “Through our joint efforts, we have achieved significant milestones in COVID-19 vaccination, prioritizing the immunization of vulnerable populations in Jharkhand. By utilizing innovative strategies like door-to-door vaccination through MVEX vehicles; hosting awareness sessions through community radio and setting up a model COVID-19 vaccination center on the premises of the Burn Unit. Community engagement activities were also strengthened through the engagement of community leaders and PRI members as vaccine champions. The project is dedicated to establishing a sustainable, strong, and inclusive immunization program that will bring ongoing benefits to the communities we serve. We express our gratitude to the Jharkhand State Government and USAID for giving us the opportunity to support and enhance the state government's efforts in COVID-19 vaccination”.

“The worldwide outbreak of the pandemic had a profound effect on communities across the globe, with marginalized populations being particularly impacted. Compounding this issue was the presence of vaccine hesitancy among the labor-intensive coal mining industry and the workers. This hesitancy stemmed from a lack of clear information regarding the vaccine’s potential consequences. To address this challenge, Project representatives and local players conducted door-to-door visits to create awareness and allay the fears and apprehensions of the vaccine-hesitant community. Vaccination camps were organized at worksites for the coal mine workers to ensure their vaccination without missing their daily wage”, said Dr. Anuradha Khairnar, Project Director, ISAP India Foundation

Dr.Rajni Wadhwa, Director – of Program Implementation, Plan India highlighted the collaborative efforts with the project and shared, “The COVID-19 vaccination drive in Jharkhand witnessed an inspiring level of dedication from the project team and vaccinators who went to great lengths to ensure that vaccination reached the high-risk and underserved communities. We collaborated with the project in the state and supported community leaders and Anganwadi workers to mobilize vaccine-hesitant communities. Furthermore, vaccination camps were established within the villages to ensure convenient access to vaccination for women, including those who were pregnant or lactating, as well as for elderly individuals who faced difficulties in traveling long distances to receive their vaccine doses. Project representatives also regularly made phone calls to remind individuals of the dates of their upcoming vaccination”.

The Project partnered with local change agents such as community leaders, local NGOs, ANM workers, and others to mobilize communities. The Project complemented the efforts of the State Government to maximize reach, build vaccine confidence, and increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake among vulnerable and marginalized population groups. The collaborative efforts have ensured that people in the state are completely aware of and realize the importance of COVID-19 vaccination.

About MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity Project 

MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity Project, supported by USAID, has mandated John Snow Research & Training Institute (JSI) to provide technical assistance to National and State Governments to ramp up COVID-19 Vaccination in India. John Snow India Pvt Ltd, an affiliate of JSI US is working in close collaboration with the Government of India to strengthen their outreach and delivery efforts with communities for vaccination; and through partnerships with local NGOs to increase demand, distribution, and uptake of COVID-19 vaccination, particularly for vulnerable and marginalized populations across selected 18 states/UTs of India.

About John Snow India (JSI)

Over the last three decades, JSI has partnered with India’s government, private sector, international development partners, and community leaders to strengthen the health system and improve the overall health of India’s population. JSI leverages its global expertise for implementing complex public health programs at scale to provide ongoing support for India’s efforts across Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health (RMNCH), Nutrition, TB, Routine Immunization, etc. They have been given the mandate by MoHFW for increasing COVID-19 Vaccination uptake across 18 states in India. To know more Website:         




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