Delhi: Hoax bomb threat delays in flight

The flight was delayed by two hours after the woman passenger reported her co-passenger talking of a “bomb” in the flight.

A man traveling to Dubai was arrested at Delhi airport on yesterday Thursday evening after he was overheard referring to a 'bomb' in his bag.


The man was taken into custody by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) from onboard a Delhi-Mumbai Vistara flight after a female co-passenger said she overheard him saying 'bomb' during a telephone conversation.

The incident happened at 4.55 pm and the flight was delayed by two hours.

A senior police official said the passenger was traveling to Dubai and had been speaking to his mother. The official said the passenger had told his mother that the airport security had stopped him from carrying a coconut in his bag for fear it could contain explosives.

The female co-passenger panicked on hearing the word 'bomb' and raised an alarm.

Both passengers were then deboarded and the plane was checked thoroughly but nothing was found. The male passenger was then handed over to local police officials.

Sources: Hindustan Times 

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