Google’s Bard to Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing: Key developments in AI

 2023 is the year where “Artificial Intelligence” or AI has dominated the discourse. Much of this has been dominated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the chatbot which has gone viral since it launched in November last year, and already has over 100 million users. Microsoft has also gone all in on AI and invested $10 billion in OpenAI along with announcing a new version of Bing which will be integrated with the start-up’s AI technology. In response to this Google has also announced its own chatbot called Bard, which has had a rough start thanks to one incorrect answer. Let’s take a look at key developments in AI news in the past few weeks.

Google Bard gets a disastrous start 

Bard is supposed to be Google’s own AI chatbot, the answer to ChatGPT if you will. It is built on LaMDA–Language Model for Dialogue Applications, which the company showcased back in 2021 at I/O. LaMDA is a conversational chatbot just like ChatGPT but Google has kept it in limited testing. Now it looks like that threat caused by ChatGPT has forced Google to showcase its own tech in AI. Bard is supposed to be built a limited model of LaMDA, which Google says will ensure less computing power is needed. Bard is right now only accessible to ‘trusted testers’, but Google will soon open it to public testing as well. However, the exact date and time have not been specified.

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