Woman gracefully dances to Kailash Kher's Saiyaan

 Social media is filled with all kinds of content. You can find anything you wish to by just typing in a few words. However, in this wide variety of content, the one thing that often goes viral are dance videos. Videos of people dancing and showcasing their talent are entertaining to watch. In fact, many people even appreciate such clips. Now, another dance clip that has caught thousands of eyeballs is of this woman dancing to Kailash Kher's hit song Saiyyan.

In a clip shared by dancer @nicoleconcessao you can see her wearing a lavender anarkali suit. Just behind her, there is an audience watching her in awe and even clapping for her. As the song plays, the woman gracefully moves to beats and even matches her steps with the lyrics. In the post's caption, she wrote, "Saiyaan will always be special."

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