This ‘snooze button’ behind your earlobes can help you sleep like a child at night

 Despite hitting the bed on time, many of us struggle with sleep at night and end up tossing and turning for hours at a stretch. The reasons for the same can be many — from stress to unhealthy lifestyles and diet habits. As such, experts suggest that making certain small but significant lifestyle tweaks can help go a long way, and so can a few healthy bedtime practices. And one such practise that we came across recently simply entailed pressing some pressure points located right behind the ears.

“In order to have deep sleep, you need to have a calm and quiet mind. But did you know you have a snooze button right behind your ears that helps you fall asleep at night? It is called anmian, which literally means peaceful sleep,” Radoslav, a Chinese medicine acupuncture practitioner, shared on his Instagram while showing the exact acupoint.

Where is it located?

The point is located on the head, about an inch from the soft depression, immediately behind the earlobe towards the back of the head.

What you need to do

*Lay back and gently press these points. Apply pressure to each point (on both sides) for about 30 seconds.

*Your shoulders and chest should open up as you press these points.

*Pressing these points and opening up the chest helps the heart channel to flow through, said Radoslav, further adding that stretching the channel helps get a “peaceful” sleep.

Does it actually help?

Dr Santosh Pandey, Acupuncturist and Naturopath, Rejua Energy Center said that Anmian is the traditional point for treating insomnia and can also be used to reduce anxiety, stress, vertigo, headaches, and calming the mind.

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