The Bottom Line: Zee Studios | Amitosh Nagpal | Kiara Advani | Priya Bapat


1. After winning big in the international circuit, Zee Studios' 'Joram' in association with Makhijafilm received yet another thundering response  at the Sydney Film Festival

Zee Studios has been putting the spotlight on Indian storytelling via films that offer compelling perspectives exploring the global zeitgeist in the international circuit with back-to-back successful premieres. Carrying forward its glorious momentum, Shariq Patel, CBO, Zee Studios, added, "'We are thrilled that 'Joram' continues to garner mass appeal in the international circuit. The film continues to strike resonance with the global audience due to  Manoj Bajpayee's innate craft and Devashish's exemplary vision. Manoj Bajpayee further added, "Joram's journey in the international circuit has been euphoric. Devashish Makhija, writer-director, added, "'Joram' is a survival thriller of a father moving worlds to protect his infant daughter. It explores the multiple themes of deforestation, forced displacement, and socio-economic inequity, amongst many others

2. Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) and SIDBI partner to design and implement NBFC Growth Accelerator Program

The Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) has received in-principle approval from SIDBI for designing and structuring a sustainable and scalable NBFC Growth Accelerator Program (NGAP). This is the first approval of its kind in India. Mr. Sivasubramaniam Raman, CMD, SIDBI, said, “As a development institution, SIDBI is striving to build the capacity of small NBFCs across geographies and segments to enable them to access bank loans at affordable rates Can be made This will increase the flow of cooperation in MSME sector

3. Indian musical theatre has a global resonance today," says Amitosh Nagpal

Music is integral to every experience in India and be it cinema or musical theatre, songs are an essential part of the narrative and through their melodies and lyrics, can express a million emotions. Be it pathos, joy, love, longing, loneliness, or a sense of community, there is always a song that perfectly articulates life in all its complexity. He says, "Musical stories continue to thrive because our emotions are deeply interlinked with music. This is why in films and in theatre, very often songs are woven into situations where a character itself is a singer and expresses emotions musically. We have also had films and plays where there is absolutely no justification for songs and yet they are sprinkled generously across the story. This is not to say that we don't enjoy them. Of course, we do!"

4. Kiara Advani goes barefoot and does the Garba on screen for the first time; one solo and one duet song in Satyaprem Ki Katha
Continuing to surpass expectations from the audience, the Indian Entertainment industry’s most loved sensation, Kiara Advani will be seen performing a highly energetic garba dance routine in two songs from her upcoming film Satya Prem Ki Katha. The actor shot and performed both songs barefoot. Her hard work and dedication to the craft are visible in her performances, leaving her fans doting on her every move. The earlier released trailer of the film showcased glimpses into the two songs, leaving everyone excited for more. 

5. "Priya Bapat did a detailed study on the legal matters, got professional to train her to get in the skin of the character",  says creative duo Arjun and Kartk
As the buzz increases around 'Rafuchakkar', the creative duo behind the show, Arjun and Kartk are full of praise for its lead stars Maniesh Paul and Priya Bapat. 
They inform that Priya worked with a team of lawyers for over a month and add, "These were intense sessions where they showed her how a lawyer prepares for a trial. They familiarised her with the legal terminology used in arguments and also what the proper courtroom conduct is. Priya also attended some real-life trials and observed how court proceedings unfold and lawyers spar to win arguments. Says Arjun and Kartk, "Priya is a fantastic actor and no matter which role she plays, she is always believable and gets into the skin of her character. In 'Rafuchakkar' as well, she has done the same. As a firebrand


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