Viral Video: Wild bull fights off 8 lions, teaches lesson of ‘never give up’

Video of a wild bull, surrounded by eight lions, is teaching everyone a lesson of ‘never giving up’ in any situation.

In an undated clip, a wild bull is seen separated from its herd and surrounded by a lion pride who are trying to bring it down in order to eat it. The lions stick their claws into the bull and try to bring it down, but it never gives up and fights with the predators while screaming for help. In the next moment, the bull’s herd comes to its rescue and drives off the lions.

This clip is a lesson for those who are broke, depressed, and don’t want to fight back. The bull was on the brink of death, surrounded by one of the most brutal predators, but it didn’t give up, fought, and trusted its family. With this attitude, anyone can conquer any challenge they are facing in their lives.

The motivational clip was shared on Twitter by an account named @Thefigen with the caption, “What is life..... He never gave up! And his friends came to help!” 

source :- catchnews

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