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Jurm ki guthi sulajhane &TV ke Mauka-E-Vardaat mein dikhenge Piyush Sahdev aur Sonali Nikam


&TV’s riveting crime show Mauka-E-Vardaat has been taking the viewers on a thrilling roller coaster ride with power-packed performances by actors playing cops’ role. Joining the host of cops are two renowned faces of the Indian television industry, Piyush Sahdev and Sonali Nikam.

After having successfully completed nearly two decades in the entertainment industry, Piyush Sahdev is now seen as a daring police officer named, Inspector Rathore. Elated to be a part of &TV’s Mauka-E-Vardaat, Piyush Sahdev as Inspector Rathore says, “Of all the genres, crime has always interested me the most. It has many layers. It has drama, thriller, action, suspense, and is sometimes emotional as well. So, it really enhances your acting skills and gives you a chance to do so much more on screen. Unlike other crime-based shows, Mauka-E-Vardaat showcases some of the most unimaginable crime stories compelling the audience to question – Yeh Hua Toh Kaise Hua? and that is what made me accept the role. Inspector Rathore is a strong-minded cop who knows how to find his way to the culprit. I am enjoying every bit of the shoot and I hope that the viewers will enjoy watching it as well.”

Winning the hearts of the viewers with her impeccable acting skills and beautiful screen presence, Sonali Nikam is essaying the role of Sub Inspector Keerti Koul. Expressing her excitement to join the show, Sonali Nikam as Sub Inspector Keerti Koul in &TV’s Mauka-E-Vardaat shares, “I have tremendous respect for the police force of our country. The way they fight against crime and ensure our safety is something that we all must acknowledge and honour. So, when I was offered the role of a cop, I was very excited. It is huge responsibility to play a cop and at the same time you are filled with pride to bag the offer. Mauka-E-Vardaat is an series featuring the most thrilling and mysterious crimes, which leaves the audience at the edge of their seats with the most unpredictable turn of events. delighted to be a part of the show and looking forward to this amazing experience.

Watch Piyush Sahdev as Inspector Rathore and Sonali Nikam as Sub Inspector  Keerti Koul in Mauka-E-Vardaat airing every Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM only on &TV

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