Shri Ram Mandir represents the faith of 140 million devotees

"Shri Ram Mandir represents the faith of 140 million devotees," says Subhash Ghai at the celebration of his debut TV show Jaanaki on completing 100 episodes

The showman of Bollywood Subhash Ghai continues to win hearts and how! His maiden television production by Mukta Arts, 'Jaanaki' clocked 100 episodes leading to a grand celebration at Whistling Woods International.

The television show explores the theme of women empowerment by being an advocate for girl child through giving her equal rights. The instigating theme of the show has resonated with the hearts of the audiences as it represents the majority of our country. They celebrated this milestone with the cast and crew as the show hit 100 episodes. Apart from this Subhash Ghai has also been invited to the grand opening ceremony of Shri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Talking about that he shared, "Shri Ram Mandir is  an important cultural symbol that represents India. It is the identity of Bharat. People shouldn't associate the same with politics as the Shri Ram Mandir represents the faith of millions of devotees worldwide. The grand opening ceremony has swollen the chest of 140 million Indians with pride. I am honored to witness Pran Prathishtha, a historic day in Bharatiya Civilization"

He further adds "Through our show we have showed when 1 person grows the whole community and nation grows along with it, similarly the way everyone has come together to develop our nation through the inauguration of Shree Ram Mandir would keep reminding us our duties and values for ages to come"

Subhash Ghai shall also be gracing the momentous occasion along with other stalwarts from the country on 22nd January at Ayodhya.

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