From on-screen siblings to off-screen besties

From on-screen siblings to off-screen besties: Ayushi, Aditi, and Neetha's close-knit bond in Sony SAB’s 'Aangan Aapno Kaa'

Mumbai, January 18, 2024: Sony SAB's latest offering, 'Aangan Aapno Kaa,' has become a favorite among viewers, resonating with its heartfelt tale of a daughter's unwavering love for her father. The show features Ayushi Khurana as Pallavi who has resolved to not get married as it would mean that she will have to leave her father alone as she has witnessed her sisters’ priorities changing after their wedding. 

Actors Aditi Rathore and Neetha Shetty feature as the older Sharma sisters - Tanvi, and Deepika each with extremely different personalities. While Pallavi is a headstrong girl, who always speaks her mind, Tanvi is timid and reserved, whereas Deepika is career-oriented and resilient.

Their sisterly bond extends beyond the sets. When not filming, the girls share their favorite meals and engage in endless conversations. From supporting each other to teasing one another, their life connection is like that of real sisters. Ayushi also affectionately addresses Aditi and Neetha as their characters Tanu Di and Deepu Di even when they are not in their characters. The trio engaged in a candid conversation, talking about the traits they share with their characters and shedding light on their close-knit relationship both on and off the screen.

Ayushi Khurana, portraying the role of Pallavi, the youngest sister, shares, “Whenever the three of us are shooting together, it is always chaos on the set. We have a typical sibling dynamic where we tease and pull each other’s legs. The beautiful connection that I share with Deepu di and Tanu di onscreen is similar to the bond with my younger sister in real life.”

Aditi Rathore, essaying the role of Tanvi, the middle daughter, shares, “I am an introvert and usually take time to open up to people, but with Ayushi and Neetha, there was an instant connection from day one, and thankfully, it has remained the same since. Shooting together is so much fun because of our rapport.”

Neetha Shetty, portraying the role of Deepika, the eldest daughter, shares, “In Deepika's character, I see a reflection of myself—career-oriented, dedicated to family, and navigating life's challenges with resilience. Off-screen, my bond with Ayushi and Aditi is similar to the camaraderie we share on-screen. When the cameras aren’t rolling, we share endless laughs and discuss everything under the sun together. I’m extremely grateful for this warm bond with the two of them.”

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