Arjun Kapoor to help 11-year-old girl


Arjun Kapoor to help 11-year-old girl

These days, the IPL boom is being seen all over the country. In every locality, from children to young people, after 7 p.m., they are seen watching only one thing on TV and their mobile devices, and that is cricket. The intoxication of cricket in India is such that one can see Dhoni and Sachin in every street. Meanwhile, now an 11-year-old girl named Anisha Raut has also seen this dream. To fulfil this dream of Anisha, Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor has extended a helping hand.

Arjun Kapoor came forward to help: Anisha Raut, who lives in the Panvel area of Mumbai, dreams of playing cricket for the country and making her name famous, but due to financial constraints, this is not possible. In such a situation, when Arjun Kapoor learned about Anisha's struggle, he decided to help.

The actor will bear all the expenses of the game. Some reports say that Arjun Kapoor is going to bear the expenses of Anisha's training and equipment until she turns 18 years old. Anisha is also considering Sachin Tendulkar as her role model. She has played for the Maharashtra Cricket Association. Now Anisha is only 11 years old. Anisha is travelling 80 kilometres daily for 8 hours of cricket training.

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