Jagjit Singh

Chai lovers, we have some bad news — you must not consume tea in the evening; find out why

 Indians love tea, especially milk tea. They also like to consume it multiple times a day — but definitely in the mornings and evenings. But, turns out that consuming this beverage in the evening has certain health consequences. What are they? Talking about the same, Dr Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya, an Ayurveda expert, took to Instagram and shared that about 64 per cent of the Indian population loves drinking chai/tea every day with over 30 per cent of them drinking it in the evening.

“Are you one of those who loves sipping on evening tea daily, or mostly? Do you think it’s a healthy habit? What is the best thing for you — to drink or avoid tea during the evening? I’m here to answer all these questions today,” she added.

So, is drinking tea in the evening healthy?

“According to medical science, caffeine is best if avoided 10 hours before sleep (bedtime) to have sound sleep, optimum liver detox, reduced cortisol (inflammation), and healthy digestion,” Dr Savaliya wrote.

Adding, Dr Smriti Jhunjhunwala, BHMS nutritionist and dietitian, said that while tea in itself is not bad, “there has been a lot of confusion and muddling of thoughts when it comes to drinking the beverage, such as to drink it with milk or without it, with or without sugar, over brewing it or less brewing it, along with the best time to drink it.”

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