Pakistani groom gifts his bride a donkey, the reason will melt your heart

The bride and groom always try to plan some sort of surprise for each other. Some may bring gifts; others might have something more personal to share. However, in a recent turn of events, a Pakistani groom gifted his wife a donkey. Yes, you read that right.

In a video shared by Pakistani YouTuber Azlan Shah, you can see him bringing a donkey to the wedding and gifting it to his wife. The reason he gave for this gift was very simple and heartwarming. He says that her wife likes donkeys, and they are, in fact, very hard-working and loving animals. He also says that he too loves donkeys.

This video was shared only two days ago. Since being uploaded, it has been liked more than two lakh times and has several comments. Many thought that the groom's gesture was sweet.

An Instagram user wrote, "Animals are animals. If you can pet a horse, cow, dog, even monkey or giraffe or lion etc, why can't be other animals? Why are you being so negative about them?" A second person in the Instagram comments said, "It's a symbolic gift, it takes a lot of sense to understand it." "Guys, it's actually cute," said a third.

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