Twitter verification process to be revamped? This is Elon Musk’s reply

It was always anticipated that when the world’s richest person would takeover one of the world’s biggest social networks, there would be major changes. And now it’s becoming a reality it seems. After Elon Musk took charge at Twitter, new details are dropping in each day - some of them verified, others not so much - about the changes the microblogging site is going to see.

Now the 51-year-old tech billionaire has said that there would be changes to the verification process too. In response to a user, Musk wrote on Twitter: “The whole verification process is being revamped right now.” The blue tick on the microblogging site has been coveted for a long time. It would be interesting to see what changes Musk brings in to the process.

Musk’s reply came to a Twitter thread when a tech venture capitalist Sriram Krishnan wrote: "Now that the word is out: I’m helping out @elonmusk with Twitter temporarily with some other great people. I believe this is a hugely important company and can have great impact on the world and Elon is the person to make it happen. (sic)."

The whole verification process is being revamped right now

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 30, 2022

A user then asked him: "...any chance in helping with verification? Denied some 4-5 times despite large following and working to share spaceflight/rocket launches to the masses via my photography. Published in a plethora of huge outlets but Twitter doesn’t seem to care! (sic)" That's when Musk posted his tweet.

So far, Twitter has seen changes at the top management level. Musk also has been raising the issue of bot users on the website for months even before the $44 billion deal was completed.

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