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Rude, inconsiderate, arrogant… These are the words that employees often relate with their bosses. Sometimes when I pass through the hallways of my office corridors, I hear the staff members expressing their disappointments to one another. Although no one says it on the face, their expressions tell the tale of their dissatisfaction. Today, on the behalf of every other boss and as a boss myself, let me tell you that we want every employee to stay connected with us and not to let minute altercations disturb them.

A successful business and a good staff are two sides of the same coin. The boss or the entrepreneur should have the qualities with which he can win a lot of accolades from his staff and become everyone's favorite. Remember that the success of any employee depends on your excellent leadership. A good leader motivates his team to work efficiently.

A positive workplace undoubtedly plays an important role in the campus, but an office is not limited to the environment only. Engaging activities done from time to time not only make the staff happy and refreshed but also fill them with new energy. I believe such activities play an important role in relationship building and in creating a positive environment for a satisfactory workplace.

The applause and praise of the members for doing a better job will bring them closer to you. “You have done a great job”, “You can do this, I have full faith in you”, “If you are there, then there is nothing to worry about”, “I knew you can do this" and other such appreciations make huge differences in the relationship between a boss and an employee. Such simple phrases hold the power to affect the mindset of the employees, creating a positive impact on their behavior and work.

Even if there is any tussle going on between you and your team member, the flow of conversation must not stop. Try to be attentive to his health, ask him if he had lunch, or how he is doing. Such gestures never go unnoticed and this will improve your bonding with your team members.

Further, if you know how to take responsibility for a mistake on behalf of your team, and know how to give credit to the team member for any good work you have done, then you are undoubtedly the best and most reliable boss. On the contrary, if you blame your mistakes on the team or any of the members and take credit of their work with off-handing comments like, "I did it", "it is because of me", or "If I hadn't been there, the company would have been at a huge loss today”, believe me, you will lose the trust of your team.

You are the boss, so you have the right to say. But even here, the scope of a boss is not limited. This means if you can speak, then, you must have the patience to listen to your team. If your team member wants something to say, listen patiently. It is easy to express your point of view, but not everyone can do it. Trust me if you do not listen to your team then the team won’t bring their problem to you. Those issues will stay buried under the layers of hesitation and misunderstanding.

Your team members may have an idea better than yours, in such cases instead of discarding their views, try implementing or adopting their ideas. This will help you build confidence in your team. Additionally, your team will know that you value them and their opinions. Teams like their bosses when they are friendly and supportive. The relationship between a boss and teams should be such that no one should hesitate to express their views. Keep being friendly, take care of everyone, ask about the well-being of their family, and support them if they have any troubles. Such qualities make your team respect you more.

When the scope of a boss is not limited to bossing, then the employees become more like family members. This is the true identity of a successful boss…

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