Assembling the scattered pieces of courage within him, Rahul has sewn a cloak of confidence

Trust thyself……Atul Malikram (Political Strategist)


The political throne is always of dual nature. For some, it is like velvet, while for others, it becomes a bed of thorns. The Congress party was the ruling government for almost 70 years and has contributed significantly to the progress of the nation. During the initiation of Rahul Gandhi, everyone had high hopes- both for Rahul and the party, but soon the expectations took the form of extreme disappointments. I think the biggest reason for this ‘failure’ is his dependence on his fellow leaders, especially advisors, who dragged him backward, instead of pushing him forward.


Another reason is his speeches which left no stone unturned to make him a laughingstock in amid the public. In his past gatherings, he had said things that rarely made any sense, such as, “Mujhse bada bevkoof is desh mein koi nahi hai (There is no one more stupid than me in this country), " Haan, main Pappu hun” (Yes, I am Pappu), "Aisi machine lagaunga, is tarafse aaloo ghusaunga, us tarafse sona niklega” (I will set up such a machine, potatoes will enter from one side and gold will come out from the other side), etc. Because of such speeches, the public could never put faith in him or saw him as a leader. While changing the name of Kumbharam Lift Yojana, Rahul once said that Ashok Gehlot had given money for the Kumbhakaran Lift scheme. Once while addressing the issue of unemployment, he said, "Do you know why these eagles are flying here, because they haven't got employment for years.” Winking in the parliament, uncomfortably hugging the prime minister and so many other such strange behaviors affected his image tremendously. The Internet is filled with such videos which downgraded Rahul in the eyes of the public. Because of this, even his opponents considered him a weak link. And it was their mistake because even with his faulty speeches, Rahul never lost his confidence. And in the recent Bharat Jodo Andolan, Rahul is proving himself again and again.



Even after being ridiculed time and again, Rahul’s self-confidence never dropped. He is becoming more and more mature. This change seems to complement his Bharat Jodo Andolan. In the current situation, the convoy of Kerala and Karnataka is moving along with Rahul. Even the rain could not stop Rahul from speaking his mind. Even the rain could not stop Rahul from speaking his mind. Tying open laces of mother Sonia Gandhi's shoes gave India a new Rahul. He gathered the courage to open the road which was closed since 1993 because of caste violence and named this Bharat Jodo Road.


He grabbed the 75-year-old former chief minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah's hand, and made him run. Having done the Padyatra with India's daughters and young footballers, it looks like India is soon going to get a strong leader.


It is said that as long as you keep holding someone’s hand to avoid falling, you will always fear staggering, but if you start doing it by yourself, you will find the courage to walk without fear. Ever since Rahul has shown confidence in himself, leaving behind his old mentors, everyone who likes him is seeing the qualities of a cheerful and decent leader in him. Amassing the scattered pieces of courage within him, Rahul has stitched a cloak of confidence that outshines his inner light. Presently, he is trying his best to be a mature politician. If the glow of confidence and political understanding flourished in Rahul, then the possibility of returning to their golden days increases largely for the Congress, so much so that it may even shake the ruling throne once again. It will be interesting to see on which side, the dice will roll.


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