Revival of lost times and broken dreams


Stepping into our dreams of past

Let’s make memories that will always last…

Normally, parenthood is seen through a rainbow-colored lens, making it look easy, happy, and satisfying. Taking care of children and raising them becomes the most important thing in parents’ life, so much so that they forget about their happiness, dreams, and wants. Often caught in the web of roles and responsibilities they find it hard to navigate through the journey of developing their individuality. What is left are their broken dreams, and wishes hidden in the depth of their hearts. It is true that while fulfilling parental responsibilities, they lost some things that used to be a part of their life once. Those are the pieces that are left unattended. They are left with unfulfilled dreams of the past, and a wish to live those dreams at least for once. 

 Every parent must have had this thought at least once in their life. Making this thought a reality, India’s leading organization, PR 24x7 organized Udaan 2022 on 18th December. The special day was planned to keep paramount the happiness of the parents, where they get to express themselves openly. They got the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of their kids and live some moments just for themselves.

 Atul Malikram, Founder, PR 24x7 says, “At this age, both parents and children have busy schedules. While our parents forgot themselves and got involved in our upbringing in such a way that they might not have had time to spend even a moment for themselves. I wanted to gift my parents some moments to make them realize the importance of their dreams and bring out their hidden talents in front of a large number of people. I wanted to give them something to remember for the rest of their lives. I finally got the chance to see my parents live it out as the parents of my kids. I must say that in every child's parent, I had the privilege of seeing the image of my parents, which has been my dream for a long time. I thank them wholeheartedly for their indelible contribution in making this dream of mine a reality.”

 The event was also exciting for the parents and their reactions say the same:

 “Everyone was so happy at the event. This program has brought new energy within us. It made us realize how important it is to live for oneself. Such programs should be organized continuously, as it has emerged as an inspiration for us."

 “Amidst the light and dark times of life and all the responsibilities where people don't get time for themselves, this event organized solely for us kept a smile on our faces throughout the day, and it will remain a sweet memory for a long time. This initiative is commendable."

 The one who taught us to walk, the one who showed us the world, people whom we looked upon during our sad and happy times are our parents; and yes, they are incredible! Happy faces and excitement in the eyes of parents made the children realize their true value. In this modern world where everyone is running around aimlessly, PR 24x7's initiative showed that our parents will always be our home, our slice of paradise.

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