FURO Sports, the sports footwear brand of Leayan Global Private Limited, has recently launched a new generation ad campaign targeting both male and female, age group teenage and above. 

 The music video conceptualised by ad agency Flamingo Digital, gives a message to our passionate youth through animated characters , who are gripped to their passion , wherein a performer who sings and grooves throughout the Streets for all other talented animated sports characters , who are practicing intensively to perfect their skill and performance . The video also shows the importance of being gripped to one’s passion just like how Furo Sports Shoes keep one gripped throughout one’s journey through its tyre-Inspired Hi-Grip technology, which is its core USP . 

Expressing his views on launch of this campaign, Rahul Sharma (General Manager, Marketing) shares “The new ad campaign strategy is designed to focus on product credibility, reshaped brand appeal, and consumer experience through stunning visuals and catchy song , which has high level of remembrance and also accentuates our brand‘s tagline “Got Furo Got Grip” which encompasses the focus of our brand and enables us to showcase the breadth and depth of the company’s motto. 

This campaign being launched in different part of country in phases and to begin with in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and being promoted across Digital Media, Print, Cinema, Radio and enhanced visibility at multibrand retailer shops. 

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