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On Children’s Day, &TV child artists reveal their ambitions

Children are the most precious and innocent gift to humankind. They come into the world with hopes and dreams and a bright future right ahead of them. This Children’s Day this year, &TV’s child artists reveal what they want to be when they grow up! These include Aan Tiwari (Baal Shiv) from Baal Shiv, Nitant Trivedi (Rahul) and Aditi Jaiswal (Zoya Mirza) from Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai? Somya Azad (Ranbir Singh) from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and Vivaan Shah (Shivam Agarwal) from Ghar Ek Mandir- Kripa Agrasen Maharaj ki.

Little Aan Tiwari, aka Baal Shiv in &TV’s Baal Shiv, says, “I want to be a Singer, Actor and a Pilot – all three! I want to ride helicopters and win a singing reality competition, and for that, I do my riyaaz daily and don’t eat a lot of ice-creams.” Nitant Trivedi, aka Rahul in &TV’s Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai, shares, “I intend to be a social media influencer and an actor. I already have my own YouTube channel titled

‘Naughty Nitant’ where I become a Desi Nobita and assign various tasks to Doremon.” Ranbir Singh, aka Somya Azad in &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, added, “I want to become a successful actor like Amitabh Bachchan. I am working a lot on my diction, expressions and dialogue delivery. I want to do diverse roles and experiment a lot. I am also quite focused on my fitness, and that will continue to be one of my core aspects.” Aditi Jaiswal aka Zoya Mirza in &TV’s Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai? says,

“When I grow up, I want to be a successful actor and an IAS officer. I want to help underprivileged children in uplifting their life however I can.” Vivaan Shah, aka Shivam Agarwal in &TV’s Ghar Ek Mandir- Kripa Agrasen Maharaj Ki, says, “I aspire to be an actor and a mechanical engineer. For becoming an engineer, I practice on my toys and open them all the time to understand how it is made and then assemble them back. To be an engineer, one has to study well and I focus a lot on my studies.”

Tune in to watch Baal Shiv premiering on 23rd November at 8:00 PM, Ghar Ek Mandir-Kripa Agrasen Maharaja Ki at 9:00 PM, Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai? at 9:30 PM, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan at 10:00 PM airing every Monday to Friday only on &TV

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