"Acing the Bundelkhandi dialect has been a challenging yet learning experience for me”, says Diljot Chhabra from Sony SAB’s Ziddi Dil – Manne Na

1) How does it feel to be in Ziddi Dil - Maane Na?

It is a great feeling to be a part of a show that will bring a fresh perspective for the viewers. Ziddi Dil is taking entertainment up a notch higher by blending in the elements of romance

and youthfulness. I always look forward to working on good and fresh story. I want to thank

the producers, Sudhir sir and Seema Ma'am for believing in me and for giving me this

opportunity to be a part of this show. This show has brought all the elements I wanted in a

story together and this is one of the great teams to work with. I am simply grateful for this


2) What makes your character stand out? What are you enjoying the most about the


I feel every character in this show have their unique aspects that stands out. Sanjana is

different in her own way and has several layers to her personality. She is someone who is

upfront, outspoken and a person with pure intentions and heart. I love how disciplined and

passionate Sanjana is, and this is something that I will always instil in me as an artist. The

interesting thing about this character is how beautifully she balances her authority and slips in

her sarcasms and humour when necessary.

3) How has been your experience shooting for the show so far?

The experience has been phenomenal and one that I will always stay with me as beautiful

memories. We have a huge team, and we are having the best time together. This show has

brought together some a talented cast and it has been both, a learning and fun experience to

work with each of them. I personally enjoy the energy everyone brings on the set and I look

forward to being on the sets. While we all are working and putting our best foot forward, it has

become all the more fun with this energetic cast. doubt, it's always good times when all of us

have scenes together.

4) The show promises romance set against the backdrop of a Special Action Force Unit. Tell us more

Ziddi Dil has a beautiful blend of emotions in the story. All relationships are shown

wonderfully, and each character has been curated with care and as our viewers watch the

episodes, they will soon identify with them. Yes, you will see romance brewing amongst the

trained agents and the civilian volunteers with a great mix of friendship, respect, dreams, passion, and zidd.

5) How similar or different Diljot and Sanju are?

We are definitely different. Sanjana is totally upfront, and she has a Bundelkhandi dialect.

Acing this dialect has been a challenge for me but has served has learning a new skill. What

brings me and my character together is our love for fitness. We both love practicing yoga; we

are passionate about our work and I feel we are strong headed. I totally love my profession

and I love it when I am challenged into playing a character I have never played before.

6) How is Ziddi Dil different from any other television shows?

Viewers are always looking for fresh content, cast and story. While everyone is looking for

entertainment, it also needs to be impactful at the same time. Ziddi Dil ties all these elements

together Ziddi Dil – Manne Na is a show that will inspire you, make you want to dream and

believe in yourself. It is full of surprises, its energetic and brings forth a story that the entire

family can enjoy together. 

7) How have you prepared for your role?

Sanjana's character is a challenging and demanding one. The producers, Sudhir sir and

Seema Ma'am helped me a lot by sharing the tiniest of details about the character. They were

kind enough to organise a workshop for all of us with the incredible actor, teacher and

person, Mr. Joy Fernandes. He prepared us for all that we could have easily overlooked while

working together as a team. Acing the Bundelkhandi dialect definitely took some work, but I

am glad I could deliver. 

8) What can the audience expect from Ziddi Dil Maane Na? Any message to your fans?

This show brings for its viewers a diverse cast with a slice of life storytelling. It simply adds a

fresh look and perspective towards life with the elements of romance and youthfulness. Also,

as this is my first television show, I'd like to thank all those people who have appreciated me.

It feels great to be accepted like this. I am so grateful for all the love, and I will continue to

give my best shot.

Tune in to watch Ziddi Dil – Manne Na, every Monday-Friday at 8 PM only on Sony SAB

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