Parineeti Chopra opens up about stepping into the shoes of an athlete for Saina


Saina, a story about perseverance, dreams and passion has inspired audiences around the country to take the first step towards their dreams. The movie celebrates the winning jazba of a little girl from Haryana who goes on to become the first Indian badminton player to win a medal at the Olympics. The very talented Parineeti Chopra shares her experience of preparing for the film, her conversation with Priyanka Chopra on the role, and all that she learnt through the journey. A must-watch for anyone driven by passion, catch the World Television Premiere of Saina on Zee Cinema on 25th July, 12noon.

1. Sports biopics are the hardest to train for, what was your journey like while training for Saina?

- It definitely was a challenge because even back in school, I was more inclined towards academics and the creative side of things. To perfect the role, I had to get into the mind of being an athlete. I went through a lot of training to understand the body language and techniques of an ace shuttler. Saina, and the team that coached me, were great and I’m grateful that they were so supportive throughout. It really helped me bring out that authenticity for the character. It took me 6 months to understand the nuances of Badminton and only then did I go on the set. The excitement and nervousness made this whole experience very memorable.

2. Tell us about your takeaway from Saina’s life.

Her life screams perseverance. Her resilience and unbreakable spirit have inspired an entire nation. This movie gave me the opportunity to learn a little more about Saina as a person. Skill aside, an athlete’s mindset is an unmatched weapon. That fighting spirit, passion and never give up attitude is something that I look up to.

3. In the movie Saina’s family, coach and friends were her strong support system. Who is the constant support in your life?

My family is my constant source of encouragement. I have really come to realize how important family is in life and it has resonated with me even more during the pandemic. Even when things get tough and seem hopeless, it is our family and friends that pull us through. In the long run, it is this unconditional love and constant support that becomes our armour and lets us take on any battle fearlessly.



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