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Akshay Mhatre as Varun Agarwal in &TV’s Ghar Ek Mandir-Kripa Agrasen Maharaja Ki

 Akshay Mhatre as Varun Agarwal in &TV’s Ghar Ek Mandir-Kripa Agrasen Maharaja Ki  


After stealing the viewers’ hearts with his acting prowess and charming personality, Akshay Mhatre will now be seen in & TV’s upcoming socio-drama, ‘Ghar Ek Mandir- Kripa Agrasen Maharaja Ki’. His role will be Varun Agarwal, Genda’s husband and the epileptic younger son of Kundan Agarwal, who owns Agarwal & Sons – a family-run jewellery shop. The story depicts the core principles of Agrasen Maharaja through his ardent bhakt and show’s lead protagonist, Genda, a devoted girl belonging to a low-income family who eventually gets married into a business family. Produced by Zee Studios, the show is a never-seen-before socio drama on Indian television built around the context of the legendary king, Agrasen Maharaja. He was the founder of the Agrawal community of traders and, through his ideologies and teachings, helped the community prosper.

Akshay has worked across various Hindi, and Marathi shows and films. Talking about his role and the show, Akshay Mhatre, as Varun Agarwal says, “The show has a completely different appeal to it. It is not every day that we hear stories about the legendary king Agrasen Maharaja. So, when I was offered to be a part of it, I instantly agreed. I will be essaying Varun Agarwal’s character, Genda’s husband, and the Agarwal family’s youngest son. Loved and overly protected by his family.Varun strongly believes in the concept of business and disapproves of working for someone else. He dreams of designing jewellery pieces just like his father, but he struggles a lot in everything he does, letting down the future of his family business. Despite being epileptic, Varun keeps trying to be worthy of the family business.” He further adds, “This is the first time that I am a part of a socio-drama show, and I am thrilled about my role. It is a new experience. There has never been a story or a television show around the principles of Agrasen Maharaja. So, it makes for an interesting watch for the viewers. I am sure the show will garner a lot of intrigue and interest, and we are eagerly looking forward to it to start airing soon.”  

Watch Akshay Mhatre as Varun Agarwal on ‘Ghar Ek Mandir-Kripa Agrasen Maharaja Ki’, premiering on August 10, 2021, at 9.00pm on &TV and will air every Monday to Friday! 

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