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 The Bottom, Line -

Headlines - 1. Amazon India vaccinates over 100,000 frontline associates, employees, and their dependents 2. India’s leading skin and hair care solution provider Kaya Clinic resumes operations in Ahmedabad, Surat& Baroda 3. Growth of Indian Solar Market,despite the pandemic 4. LASA Launches New Product - Oxyclozanide 5. Learn Acting from the 'Family Man' says Actor Manoj Bajpayee
After launching its first on-site vaccination event for frontline teams three weeks ago, Amazon India, completed vaccinating over 100,000 people including frontline associates, employees, and their dependents. The on-site vaccination events are currently being hosted in 26 cities including key metros and cities such as Ludhiana, Ranchi and Raipur,in conjunction with licensed healthcare partners. The company will continue to expand these events to more cities and towns like Mysore, Surat andIndore to name a few,over the coming weeks. Abhinav Singh, Director, Amazon Transportation Services said, “In line with our efforts to ensure the health & safety of our teams,wehave made vaccination a ready choice for all of our employees, partners, sellers and their dependents. As we step into the unlock phase after weeks of lockdown, Kaya Clinic resumes its clinic operations in Ahmedabad , Surat & Baroda with 60+ safety measures, in accordance with WHO guidelines. Safety & health of its employees & consumers is at utmost priority at Kaya and keeping that in mind the company has adopted an in-house vaccination drive too, to ensure all the clinic staff and other employees are vaccinated. All Kaya services are specially designed by a pool of 100+ dermatologists in 100+ clinics in India to address all your skin and hair woes After the second wave of Covid-19 breakout, every field has taken a sharp turn in their path. This pandemic has forced humans to change their priorities resulting in huge up-downs in the market. However, the energy sector has seen significant growth during this time. Since power generation with conventional sources has several limitations, people and governments are shifting to better alternatives - given cost saving and contribution to the environment are at top most priorities for countries across the globe. . ZunRoof Tech Pvt Ltd is an established firm in the energy sector making their mark during this pandemic as they fulfil solar energy demand from residential homes crossing close to 20MW of solar installations across the country. Lasa Supergenerics Limited pioneer and amongst the leading players in the manufacturing of Veterinary and Human APIs in India has added another product - Oxyclozanide to its portfolio of products. Oxyclozanide is an anthelmintic, it is used in the treatment and control of fascioliasis a topical worm infection in ruminants mainly domestic animals such as cattle sheep, and goats. For this, the Company is setting up capacity in a brown field expansion at its Chiplun unit. Leading celebrity engagement app, Unlu’s new non-academic EdTech platform, Unluclass, is providing people from across the country an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. The platform is offering classes from industry veterans who have made a huge mark in their respective fields. For their film industry classes they have megastars such a Manoj Bajpayee, Johny Lever teaching acting and Dharma Production’s Shashank Khaitan teaching direction. is also available on Telegram , click here to join .

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