Father's Day quotes from shows across Sony SAB

 Father's Day quotes from shows across Sony SAB

Sahil Phull who essays the role of Agni in Kaatelal & Sons said, "Fathers are the superheroes we wish to become in our future. Father's Day holds a very special place in my heart as it's the day to celebrate the strongest man in my life. This year, I have already ordered his favourite perfume, which will be delivered to him on Father's Day and I also plan to connect with him over a video call and say, "Thank you, because of you I am what I am today." Every day is the same, but because of these special labelled days, we can share our feeling more upfront than other days, which makes it more special. My dad is very disciplined and a very responsible man. He has taught me the same and to take charge of my life no matter what happens. I still remember him saying when I was a teenager and shifting to Mumbai for my college that 'Galat kabhi karna nahi, aur koi galat ho to kabhi jhukna nahi'. The thing I admire the most about him is how 'responsible' he is in life. I hope one day I at least become half of what he is today. 

Sayantani Ghosh, essaying the role of Daljeet Bagga in Tera Yaar Hoon Main, "I am a daddy's girl, so I cannot think of any fondest memory because I have cherished all the time that I have spent with him. My father loves to visit temples, so visiting temples on Bengali New Year with my father and when I bought my first vehicle and when he drove my car, these are two special memories. I think I am a complete reflection of who my father is, so my whole life is a fond memory, and the entire journey that I had as a daughter with my father is very special to my heart. I believe there are two qualities that I have imbibed from him- his hard-working nature and his sense of practicality. He is very pragmatic and practical in his life decisions, apart from his emotional side. I always want my father to be safe in these unprecedented times. I will not be able to meet or visit my father on this Father's Day, but I will wish him and send my love across. I will probably share flowers to him on the day. I do not believe in celebrating special days, but I believe in makings all days special. I want him to be happy all year, but I will wish him, send him some sweets, or a flower bouquet.

Yukti Kapoor essaying the role of Inspector Karishma in Maddam Sir said, "Fathers are the biggest superheroes in our lives, so is mine. The love that I have for him is unconditional and incomparable. I always tell my dad everything because I remember this very well that during my teens years when I used to go out with friends and come late, he was always waiting for me till I was back. He has always been extremely supportive of my choices and, I am grateful to him for that. I always pray for my father's great health and happiness, and I wish for his long life and want him to always be with me."

Shubhashish essaying the role of Jitendra Jamvant Jindal in Jijaji Chaat Parr Koii hai "My favourite memory with Papa is of the time when we went to Manipal for my admission counselling. I could not get my desired branch in the first round. I was counting on it, and it left me heartbroken. During that challenging time, Papa was very supportive and stood by me like a cool friend. Even though he must be disappointed too, he made it his priority to make me feel good. He took me for a drive to a nearby place called Agumbe, a beautiful scenic place in the Western Ghats. That trip was comforting and gave me a lot of perspectives. This Father's Day, I wish great joy and good health for him. I pray that all his dreams come true, and he has a beautiful fulfilling life. I will probably send him a bag of goodies, full of things he loves the most. Also, given the circumstances, we will probably celebrate Father's Day over a long video call, having his favourite tea."

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