Birthday Twinning for TV Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’s Ashna Kishore!

 Birthday Twinning for TV Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’s Ashna Kishore!

A birthday is a special moment for each person, but what makes it bigger and better is when you share that day with someone you love and your constant partner in crime! We are talking about the actor, Ashna Kishore, who portrays ‘Kate’ in &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and shares her birthday with her twin brother, Abhishek. So, it is always double the celebrations and fun for Ashna and her brother.

As they both turn twenty-four, Ashna talks about the celebrations in-store and the birthday traditions. She says, “As kids, as far as I remember, we always fought for separate cakes. We would both receive similar gifts and wear matching outfits too; our parents were extremely patient with us as together Abhishek and I could cause chaos. But as we grew up, we became completely inseparable! We have one of the most fun time and fond memories of our birthdays together that I will always cherish. Even when we are apart, we have a way of connecting with each other. Maybe it is a twin thing! And now we are extremely close, and I share a lovely bond with him. He has always been by my side in times of difficulties and celebrated my victories too. Our birthday tradition includes cutting the cake together no matter the time or the place.”

Sharing more on her favourite memories Ashna says. “When we hit the peak of our teen years, both of us wanted individual parties. Our parents were in for a ride as we were determined to take our friends out and splurge. When my brother and I left take separate rickshaws to the mall to celebrate it so turned out that our friends planned a combined surprise party for us instead! It was hilarious, Abhishek and I learned that we twin must stick together. This year since I am in Surat shooting hence, we will be having a virtual birthday party.”

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