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 The Bottom Line -

Headlines 1. THE FUTURE AND GROWTH OF THE INDIAN POWER BACK-UP MARKET 2. Amazon India launches COVID-19 Relief Scheme to strengthen financial support for frontline teams and eligible employees 3. TANKUP to Empower 1000 Fuel Entrepreneurs Across India 4. BMW Group India Pledges INR 8 Crore to Strengthen the Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic 5. Sachet and Parampara break all records with their original mix, Meera K Prabhu! The government's initiatives to expand the electrification rate in India, coupled with technological developments, are further expected to positively influence the Indian inverter market in the coming years. After fulfilling the needs of electricity, relying on uninterrupted power to run critical systems has become mandatory. So, as a result, the Indian Power Backup Market is also spreading its roots in the economy. By the year 2023, the Indian Power Backup Market is presumed to cross INR 500 billion. Power Backup Market can be broadly segmented into three fields: 1) Diesel Generators 2) UPS and 3) Inverters ZunSolar aims to capture this vast inverter market in the coming years. ZunSolar has brought forth many solar products, including several solar combos, at a very affordable range to compete in this market with a focus on price and quality. The main objective is to liberate the common man with humble backgrounds, residing in villages and small towns from the huge electricity bills and provide light to every household. Amazon India has now launched a COVID-19 Relief Scheme (CRS). Through this initiative, Amazon India will provide additional financial assistance to frontline teams of associates hired through staffing agencies and other eligible employees with a COVID-19 Allowance and additional Hospital Reimbursement. The COVID-19 allowance is a one-time grant per employee of INR 30,600 for in-house COVID care, medical equipment, or medication related expenses. If employees exceed their maximum insurance cover due to COVID-19 related hospitalization expenses, Amazon India will also additionally reimburse insurance-approved hospital expenses up to INR 1,90,000. Swati Rustagi, HR Director, Amazon India Operations, said, “While our frontline teams help deliver the items customers need at their doorstep, TankUp is one of the pioneers in the mobile fuelling space with a Pan India presence empowering Fuel Entrepreneurs (FuelEnts) to build, manage and grow a successful business of Door to Door Delivery (DDD) of High Speed Diesel (Diesel). TankUp’s mobile fueling solutions have enabled Fuel Entrepreneurs to deliver more than one Crore litres of Diesel to their industrial and stationed clients. BMW Group India has pledged a total of INR 8 crore towards the COVID-19 pandemic. An additional contribution of INR 5 crore has been made on top of the company’s earlier commitment of INR 3 crore. BMW Group India’s efforts are dedicated towards augmenting healthcare infrastructure and medical services in Gurugram (Delhi NCR) and Chengalpattu (Tamil Nadu). The 1 min long video set the internet on fire with millions of fans asking for the complete version Ever since the composer duo, Sachet and Parampara Tandon started making reels for Instagram, original mixes for their social media and even their daily banter, they have become a household name, and each asset has resulted in a viral effect. is also available on Telegram , click here to join .

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