A Tractor without a Driver | Yogesh Nagar is the proud inventor of the Innovation | Troopel

 Back in 2016, residents of a village in the Baran district of Rajasthan witnessed something they have never seen before — a tractor without a driver. Barely out of teenage, 23-year-old Yogesh Nagar is the proud inventor of the innovation. 

"Coming from a middle-class farmer family, he went through several economical struggles to earn four square meals a day. During the time, their annual family income was barely Rs 40,000. His father, Rambabu, working on other's farm to save money to buy their own land. Since his father’s marriage, his father has saved up for more than 8 years that enabled him to buy his own land. Amid the struggles, he never refrained from investing in Yogesh’s education. In 2016, just before yogesh’s college began, his father fell sick and doctors advised him to take bed rest. The doctor said that his father was suffering from a severe ailment of the stomach and was no longer able to drive a tractor in the fields. So yogesh had to came back to the village to continue farming work. While operating the tractor on the field, he experienced the hard work it requires. That inspired him to develop a remote-controlled driverless tractor himself. Materials required to build the vehicle was already available online. After reading about the mechanism, he borrowed Rs 2000 from his father to purchase the automobile parts from the market. He developed the working prototype within three days. To build this robotic tractor, He installed two signals on the tractor that are further connected to the remote. The tractor could move forward and backwards with the help of the remote." But His dreams were big and high "After convincing his father for more money, his father sold off his surplus crop to loan him Rs 50000. Over the next six months, he toiled day and night to come up with the final machine. His satellite-connected tractor can be controlled from anywhere inside the country with touch-sensitive remote and tracking options. He is now trying to get the invention approved and funded by the Make In India initiative." "The tractor helped save his father's backache and physical labour. Going further, he completely reinvented their farm with the automated pump-driven water irrigation system and motorised threshing machines. Today His science innovations, which began as experiments, have helped them save money and now his family income has increased to 3 lacs annually. In 2019, He won the second prize worth 2.5 lacs in the KPIT Sparkle, an annual national design and development innovation contest. Currently, He is innovating an automated driverless diesel car with a 6000cc engine that can give a top speed of 600kmph and 40kmpl mileage. His biggest dream is to innovate machines for the Indian army to help them navigate through challenging terrains remotely." Among all other inventions, Yogesh innovated an anti-theft machine that contacts house owners if someone enters their house and a smart power saver which switches off the lights when the room is empty.

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