Akhil Soni helmed the crown of country's first Junior Jagjit in an Online Singing reality show hosted by Troopel.com

Akhil Soni helmed the crown of country's first Junior Jagjit in an Online Singing reality show hosted by Troopel.com

In the fond memory of Ghazal Samrat Jagjit Singh Ji,  Troopel.com country’s leading digital news platform organized the finale of the online music competition 'Junior Jagjit - Kaha Tum Chale Gaye' on his birthday. The competition saw extensive participation from the length & breadth of the country. In this unique show the country found its first Junior Jagjit, the title was helmed to Akhil Soni from Jaipur.

The cut throat musical contest between the top three finalist contested on Raag Bhairavi, Akhil managed to win hearts of all the judges with his charming vocals beating the other 2 finalists Yogesh Gandharva from Mumbai and Ayush Mehra from Jabalpur. The first and second runner-up, including the winner of the show, will be awarded with physical gifts along with certificates and print and digital branding of up to 50 thousand. At the beginning of the program a cake cutting ceremony was also organized, bowing remembrance to Lt. Jagjit Singh.

Judges Yogesh Dubey, Sachin Shesha, Mahendra Sharma and Shivam Dubey gave the final ticket by selecting the top 6 out of over 670 contestants who participated in the entire process which lasted for about four months. Ankit Chaturvedi from Badlapur, UP, Munnwar Rashid Khan from Kolkata and Ashish Rawalot from Ajmer also showcased their talent in the finale of Junior Jagjit. Mr Atul Malikram, the channel's co-founder, who played a key role behind this entire event, wished all the contestants best luck including the winner. He assured to contribute his full potential and support for the future.

At the same time, playback singers Anjana Kushwaha, Ali Abbas and Pooja Thackeray also made their presence known as special guests at the finale event. During this time, Anjana Kushwaha encouraged everyone by giving a beautiful performance and in return gratitude to the channel. The channel was highly applauded for their effort and also advised to organize such programs in future. Bring the limelight on this announcement it is also rightful to say that Junior Jagjit was the first such online music competition organized in the country. The competition managed to connect people from different corners of the country for a decent duration of 4 months. Apart from this, the channel has tried to provide relief to various small and big traders through the Covid Care Initiative. By connecting with this initiative, your business and information are related and it can be directly delivered to 5 crore people.

Vishal Vishwakarma, Aishwarya Fendar, Iqbal Patel, Asif Patel and the entire Troopel.com team were instrumental in making the above program a huge success, including the channel's Digital Head Pawan Tripathi.

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