Lesser Known facts about life of a PR Professional

Public Relations as a profession is less understood by most of us, even by the one who actually works in this profession day in and day out. However, to get it to layman’s language PR is not only a complicated profession but at the very same time a very confusing and challenging one. Most times we see people outside of the industry claiming that they understand what exactly this profession does and how the output of any engagement or activity should be. Let us come to your rescue at the time it seems challenging to understand the integrities of this profession. 

The most important aspects for the once in this profession are: 

1. Communicate Responsibly 

2. Be a great influencer 

3. Good story-teller 

4. Should know how to maintain relationships 

5. Someone who can have great Decision making skills 

6. A great pursuer 

Public Relations most often than not is misinterpreted with advertisement and a job which is merely office work or a 9 to 5 job. Myths around the subject are enough and more and to clear the air we would like to bring to your notice a few facts that will explain that the job of a public relations professional is no cake-walk. How difficult it is to weave a story around the subject matter, spin a story for the media, write press releases and maintain relations to get the work done in a specific time frame. Here are some lesser known facts explained for better understanding: 

We are not Content Writers – Our job includes a lot of writing work such as pitch mails, website content improvement for reputation management, writing blogs, articles, authored articles, press releases amongst others, but our profile cannot be defined as content writers. This is just one part of our job profile. 

Flexibility of workPR professionals is one of the most flexible people in terms of career and job responsibilities. The clients are often masters of their own game and keep changing plans according to their priorities and situations as per the demand of the market. However, not only that PR professionals' job has no fixed office hours, our work hours are defined by our clients' requirements and priorities. 

Every Day at work is different–In Public Relations if you have planned the important tasks for the upcoming day they will never be your first task to finish in the following day. A life of a PR professional can never be predetermined. All tasks are simultaneous and as per client requirements. There are multiple roles and responsibilities a PR professional has to play at the same time, you may be doing client relationship, crisis management, media relations and making pitch at the same time. Hence, PR professionals job is one of the best examples of multi-tasking 

Celebrities are VIP too–Yes, our field gives us access to celebrities, political influencers and VIP’s amongst others but we know and have the best realization of the fact that they are humans too. So people who think we are

excited about meeting people/VIP’s/Celebrities are highly mistaken. PR does the job because it’s just a part of the career choice we made. It is neither exciting or an achievement for us.

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