Cambridge English launches ‘Upskill’ - a new mobile based English test for employability in India

 Cambridge English launches ‘Upskill’ - a new mobile based English test for employability in India

Cambridge Assessment English, a department of the University of Cambridge has launched Upskill, a new mobile based English test for employability in India. This testwill help students and professionals at the start of their career in India to demonstrate their English language skills quickly and affordably, backed by the reputation of one of the world’s top universities.

Cambridge Assessment English has teamed up with leading English language learning provider in India, Enguru Live English Learning app, to launch Upskill, a new smartphone based test of English. Upskill aims at enhancing the employability of graduates aspiring for entry level jobs in corporate organisations and covers four skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing. Built around users' lifestyle, the affordable, flexible test can be taken on the Enguru app on an Android device anytime, anywhere. It focuses on levels A1-B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference, to show potential employers that the candidates have work-ready English skills. 

Upskill is the result of collaboration between the assessment specialists behind world-leading tests like IELTS and BEC, and experts in AI from across the University of Cambridge who have also worked on the ground-breaking Linguaskill tests. It will be delivered by India’s largest live English learning company, Enguru, chosen by Cambridge English because of their high level of expertise in Indian education, their technical platform and their reach which has already seen more than 40 million downloads of their English learning app.

T.K. Arunachalam, Regional Director - South Asia, from Cambridge Assessment English explained “Our mission is to help people to learn English and prove their skills to the world, and we’ve developed Upskill as a quick, flexible, easily accessible, mobile based test which will boost the employability of graduates and entry level working professionals.”

ArshanVakil, CEO of Enguru added “The most common goal for Enguru users is to improve their English for stronger career prospects. We are proud to partner with the global leaders in English assessment - Cambridge Assessment English to provide our large community of learners access to Upskill - a high quality, affordableassessment which can help them showcase their English communication skills to prospective employers.”

Cambridge Assessment English works with partners and state governments across India to promote the use of standardised international assessments as benchmark levels to improve the learning and teaching of English. More than 450 higher education institutions in India offer Cambridge English exams and tests to their students to enhance their employability as more and more leading corporate organisations are using them as a benchmark for communication skills during recruitment.

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