Bolly4u is one of the largest illegal streaming websites that absolutely conduct illegal activity by uploading unlicensed streamed content. The infamous site has a huge collection of Hollywood, Bollywood and English dubbed movies. Hence having the sheer number of visitors accessing their domain to get their hands on the latest pirated songs and films. 

The rising penetration of the internet is the crucial factor for the blistering growth of Piracy, which in turn causes the booming adoption of streaming services in developing countries due to the significant increases in the media and entertainment industry the growth of copyright content online. All these factors are collectively propelling piracy, which brings a considerable loss to film production houses.

If you are a person to pick such piracy websites to watch blockbusters then you could be aware of the Bolly4u website. Bolly4u the most notorious piracy hosting website which provides an illegal platform for movie streaming. Which not only affects the film industry but also the cinema halls that keep the films on the screen, Since website like Bolly4u not only leaks the contents of the global film but even the TV community. Hence you can find more information about such a pirate website in this article. 

About Bolly4u

Bolly4u a public torrent website that offers a number of films and TV shows that users can watch online for free. These films and TV shows are uploaded without the permission of the real creator. Hence watching anything on this website is an act of piracy.

Moreover, the Government has forced a strict ban on the Bolly4u website as the movie enterprise has largely dropped caused by such illegal sites. Accordingly, to stay off from this sort of website as it utterly prohibited. Never download such types of contents that are interdicted. It’s better to understand the laws formed by the authorities which are desirable for all.

What is the action taken by the Government to stop websites like Bolly4u?

Regardless of the several attempts by the Government and since the crime of piracy is not limited to only the movie industry, the punishment varies with the industry in which they are committing an act of piracy But the main drawback is since such torrent site are a collection of links of a bunch of anonymous people, who are behind such operations. So it’s difficult for the officials to trace out and these sites come out with new additional URL’s which is to thwart the administrators from such as piracy.

What makes Bolly4u.com apparent from other websites?

This website offers its users HD Bollywood and Hollywood movies on the internet audaciously has other pirated websites. But provide the users with an online link file that can be used on torrent to download the movie instantly. Ans also provide colorful and intuitive interfaces and these platforms look much like Netflix streaming almost the same content. A site that in the start itself grew up soaringly due to offering thousand mainstream movies and TV shows to the users free of cost. 

History of Bolly4u?

Bolly4u websites are created a short period back but were blocked by google searchers. This site has been blocked but still works with a mirror site continuing as a chain. The website has categorized its movies as per the country, genre, and popularity.

Bolly4u has been found guilty for several counts: Direct Copyright infringement, false designation of origin, contributory infringement, false advertising, and federal trademark infringement. 

2020 latest film leaked by the Bolly4u website

Within days a recently released movie shows up on the torrent sites, may sometimes not yet released films. Its a big mistake that has plagued the entire film industry globally even since the time of Napster, how is it possible for the prints to reach the illegal websites before being showed up in theatres. The Bolly4u website does the same; they leak the recent releases- Find a list of movies leaked.


End game



Monster Trucks

Find below legal Alternative and Torrent websites like Bolly4u

There are certain things that a user has to keep in mind while using a website to watch movies. The main is the security of the content uploaded on the website for the user’s consumption. So for your awareness, we have compiled some legal websites for your information and illegal websites for your awareness. 

illegal Alternatives


Legal Alternatives

Amazon Prime VideoDisney+ HotstarNetFlix
VootZEE5Sony LIV
MX PlayerALT BalajiErose Now
HULUHBO NowDicovery


Piracy is a punishable offense under the Copyright act 1957, Troopel strongly opposes any form of infringement act. We neither promote it. This article aims to inform our users to know about piracy and to create an awareness of the prone risks behind illegal websites.

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