A woman who used to work in the fields on a salary of Rs. 5 become a millionaire entrepreneur

A woman who used to work in the fields on a salary of Rs. 5 become a millionaire entrepreneur

A  woman who used to work in the fields on a salary of Rs. 5 become a millionaire entrepreneur

Pursuing your dreams is not an easy task. In the journey of life, many people give up their dreams in the middle. Still, only a few are brave who achieve success even in adverse circumstances. This is the story of Anila Jyoti Reddy, who has presented a unique example of female power and determination. She was forced to live in an orphanage when she was younger. Struggling with poverty, her father put her in an orphanage, saying she was not his daughter.

Despite getting married at a young age, Jyoti fought hard against all the struggles.

When Jyoti was 16, she was married to a 28-year-old man. Orthodox practices bound the atmosphere at that time, and Jyoti did not like it at all. The man Jyoti was married to was very illiterate and a farmer. For a few years of marriage, Jyoti had to go to the fields for defecation. Not only that, but she also had to work hard to earn five rupees a day.

At just 17 years old, Jyoti gave birth to a child and became a mother for the second time the following year. She was busy with household chores all day long. She managed the house well even with limited resources to run the family well. But in all this Jyoti was not satisfied with her life. She wanted to get out of her poverty in which she was sinking day by day.

Even when Jyoti Reddy worked in the fields, it was difficult for her to run the house. Despite all this, she did not allow her children to remain uneducated. Jyoti sent her children to a nearby Telugu medium school. She had to pay Rs 25 a month for school fees, and Jyoti used to pay all this by paying wages in the fields. 

Gradually Jyoti left all his bonds behind and started teaching the people working in the nearby fields. After this, she got an identity and also a government job where he started getting a salary of Rs. 120 per month. Jyoti's job was to go to a nearby village and teach sewing to the women there.

The journey from teacher to CEO

Jyoti decided to go to America. She wanted to go there and learn the basics of the software. Living in the USA at that time was a big thing in itself. With the help of a relative, Jyoti got a visa and left for New Jersey.

Before setting up her business, Jyoti did many small things in New Jersey. She gave a new direction to the flight of her dreams by working as a salesgirl, room service assistant, baby sitter, gas station attendant and software recruiter. Today they have six houses of their own in USA and two houses in India. Not only this but today Jyoti is also the owner of expensive cars like Mercedes.

Although Jyoti Reddy is living in the USA today, she never forgets to come to India every year on August 29. She comes to India on this day and celebrates her birthday with the children in the same orphanage. Not only this, Jyoti carries a lot of gifts for the orphans.

Jyoti Reddy's story is full of wonder and inspiration, from marrying a farmer much older than him to becoming the CEO of Silicon Valley. Jyoti Reddy is like a beacon for the youth of India who shows the dreamers the way to reach the bright future beyond the darkness.

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