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We are living in a world where every day is filled with several uncertainties. In a spare of a few months, our whole outlook towards the world as well as to our lives have changed. While this change may have given birth to various possibilities and opportunities, it holds the power to shift the dynamics of existing public health and the global economy. The economic crisis has already crushed down some businesses while some are still fighting to survive. At this time, businesses need to hold their ground to stay up float. The need to have effective balanced communication between brands and their public is at peak, and who better than PR can do this job effortlessly? PR industry may have been facing some difficulties due to lockdown and pandemic, but it stills holds the key to a well-established business. Businesses and startups at present need PR more than ever. Let’s find out how PR at present is a necessity considering the existential crisis:

Communications the utmost priority

In the current scenario, media is the key to acquire messages and news whether it is newspapers, portals, channels, or social media. Various news regarding brands and businesses circulates daily. While positive news may give you a boost, the negative news may ruin your reputation amidst the public. Having a PR helps you manage the news that is surrounding your brand in the market and it also ensures two-way communications between your brand and public. In other words, PR helps you connect with your audience.

Maintain your reputation

Having a stellar reputation in the market is an absolute need. It is your reputation that determines the public’s opinion and trust in your brand. It takes years of hard work to build a good reputation, but one wrong move will push you all the way down. Needless to say, it is a very fragile thing and therefore, needs special attention. Public Relations are the most effective way to maintain or build your reputation among your peers and subjects. Through campaigns and activities, PR supports you in increasing your brand awareness and have a clear cut image.

High credibility

Trust plays an important role in determining the success of a brand. It is PR who will support in establishing yourself as a strong and trustworthy brand both in the media and public eyes. Having PR will help your brand with more credibility. Media at present is facing many inconsistencies therefore; it is highly unlikely that prominent media houses will entertain you if you approach them directly. If you want positive media attention, you will need PR to assist you.

PR balance both sides of the equation

PR is not all about disseminating press releases and ensuring good coverage. PR pros have complete knowledge of what the public wants and what your brand needs. Public relations use various PR tactics and strategies to spread your message to the right audience at the right time. Today, people all over the globe are suffering due to COVID 19 pandemic. At this point, your brand needs to work hand in hand with the public. Here’s where PR expertise will come handily. PR pros have the experience to know what people at present are going through and what they need. PR will assist you in planning every launch, announcements, and campaigns at present so that you may continue to hold your place in public eyes.

Accurate content and context

At present, people are going through many emotions including despair, hopelessness, panic, and anxiety. It would do you no good if you put up a formal press release to disseminate in the media. People at present are more likely to gravitate towards insightful and compassionate press releases that will give them a flicker of hope. PR comprises highly skilled content writers who have the proper knowledge and skills to write for blogs, social sites, and newspapers. Today, contents need to be soulful, so much so that, they would have the power to reach the hearts of your audience. You may have a good reputation in the market but if you are unable to appreciate your customer, you will not be their first choice.

Crisis management

The need to have an efficient crisis management team has increased consequently in the last few months. Whether it is a miscommunication between a brand and media or fake news went viral, brands are finding themselves in the middle of bad publicity consequently in the past few months. Having a PR for your brand is a blessing for brands. Not only they have the experience to handle such critical situations, but they also have the efficiency to solve the crisis as early as possible

It is no time for experiments

If you think you can handle your PR at this point, you are wrong. You may have few tricks up your sleeve, but that will do you no good when you will find yourself in an unexpected situation and your reputation is in danger. This is the time to favor experience over experiments. PR pros are the master of techniques. They know how to pitch media, secure coverage, compose press releases, strategize and plan PR campaigns, and ultimately, build your brand awareness. Instead of trying to do them all by you, let PR do its job.

Approach to mass media

PR agencies have a far wider approach to population than anyone else. They have stronger media relations not only with publications but with online portals, electronic channels, bloggers, and social media influencers. There is a considerable increase in the use of digital media in the past few months, so much so that brands are focusing more on social sites for exposure. Connecting with so many media influencers to promote your product is a rather difficult task. Public relations are not bounded to print media only. They have expanded their circle and therefore has strong media relations with other modes of media.

Determining the target audience

One of the features of PR is to determine the target audience for the brand. With all these uncertainties and chaos surrounding us, you will find it is hard to determine the specific target audience you want to focus on. Focusing your efforts where it is not needed, will hamper your time and energy. PR will help you increase your brand’s visibility and outreach. You will need to focus on regional media and prominent publications so that, your news can reach a specific targeted audience. For that purpose, you will require the support of PR.

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